Goddess Amirha
Who's farts are they now?!
Who's farts are they now?!

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My douche bag boyfriend thought it would be funny to walk around the mall with me, farting all day and blaming it on me. Oh he though it it was a riot. I bet hes not so entertained now that I've got him strapped to the bed with my asshole pressed straight against his nose dropping stink bombs over and over again inside his nose and mouth, often sealing them in for a while to really soak in with a little smothering, when I'm not making him swallow them!! Love feeling my asshole pucker against his nose, I'm sure he doesnt feel the same;) Whos turn to fart is it now BITCH?!? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLIP CONTAINS HD Nude face farting/swallowing, forward and reverse, over 20+ farts that you can hear and SEE, bondage, ass sniffing/spreading & some dirty talk.