Goddess Amirha
Wet Smother & Enema
Wet Smother & Enema

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A clip from another store I am now bringing to Yezz. Named TOILET BENCH TWO (Alternative Angle). The slave spent the entire night, aproximately 6 hours strapped and secured into this bench. Fighting for each breath under my ass as I used his face as my own personal gaming stool. Peeing whenever I needed to and relieving any gas from my gaming munchies and soda. He endured all. Cut down to show only the action during the night. But I felt a little blocked up toward the end.. and there was something more than gas lurking.. what better way to clear myself and humiliate my bitch than an enema?! I fill my ass, and empty it into his mouth before sitting right back on his face and continuing my game. And his mouth was filled.