Goddess Amirha

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CLIP HIT TOP 30 ON C4 WITHIN 15 HOURS OF RELEASE, This is a must have-- My slavey bf was laying on the bed being a lazy fuck as usual, he knew I was gassy and didn't want to have to lay next to me knowing I would make him inhale it so he tried falling asleep before I came to bed. NOT HAPPENING. I wake him up and let him know my intentions, and he follows his orders like a good slave. He's learning his place quickly! I straddle his face in my matching top and spandex shorts and unleash my asshole straight into his nose. Making him inhale every burst of fart and take in my smell. I mean he has no choice, my pussy is covering his mouth and my ass is right on his nose.. what else could he do?! All the seafood earlier must have caused a mess in my stomach, because whats coming out isn't all farts ;) I can hear how wet they're getting and I notice there is a brown spot on my shorts, so instead of ruining them, I figured his face would be better to absorb the splashes right? I take them off and hop right back on his face, mercilessly sending each one into his lungs. A couple times I felt they were going to be big and I let him know it, asking him if he was ready XD of course hes not, but who cares. I drop my wet nasty farts right in his nose and in his mouth, ignorning how messy his face is getting, even sucking him a little at one point just to tease him while I blast even more of my ass smell in his face.. but there seemed to be a reason they were getting so wet... I had to sht....Of course he was the last to use the restroom and didn't put a new roll on so I used that as an excuse to not wipe (not that I would have anyway).. and oh my god I didn't know how dirty my ass truly was until you can see my entire crack completely brown when I edited the video.. I almost feel bad for him XD but honestly I don't. He can take it. But what happens next I don't think he was prepared for.. it must not have all came out.. and you'll see what I mean.. And I sit right back down and smother him.. ignoring what just happened... but it became too much, after cleaning I instructed him that I will allow him to get off, but only if he learns to cum while I'm FARTING in his nose, he must learn to love my farts. Its a long and terrible process for him I'm sure. But I will break him. Eventually after about 20 or so farts later directly into his lungs he manages to cum.. He got his reward but he'll suffer with the smell of my sht in his nose for the rest of the evening. Enjoy honey.-------___----___---------- EASILY the best to date,.. If you can handle the messy farts.. I will upload a non messy version in the following week for those not truly devout to my ass. But you will pay the same price for your weakness and my time to edit.---- Clip shows face & includes a good ammount of dirty talk, open mouth farting, nose farting (easily over 60 farts with some fully showing my ass hovering over his nose) reverse facesitting and smother. Nude & Non nude, with some true toilet humiliation.