Goddess Amirha
Smell The Real Thing
Smell The Real Thing

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FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @goddess_amirha ---I've been wondering where my panties are these last year or two. I'm constantly buying new panties since all of my thongs keep disappearing. I could see maybe one or two getting lost Even my favorite pairs!! Underwear are not cheap!! It made no sense until one day when I came home from a friends house after doing my laundry the day before.. I always fold my panties and put them away neatly and I noticed they were moved.. Someone was stealing them! And I knew right away who it was. It all made sense. My friend, Mike!! He comes over once or twice a week and he's always flirting with me and I catch him staring at my ass.. Haha okay. He wants my ass that badly to steal my panties and sniff it? I don't think he knows who he's stealing from. So I planned a little payback.. The next weekend he stayed the night, drinking with my friend who had to work in the morning so I decided to participate, making sure he would drink even more, taking shots with him and spitting them out. Oh he was trashed haha, now he won't feel anything as easily in the morning and I can get him where I want him.. I waited while the two of them went to sleep, for my friend to wake up and leave for work. Once he did I found Mike completely passed out on his bedroom floor.. I poked him and tried to move him with no response. Perfect. I started wrapping his head so it would make a better seal with my ass and put duct tape over his eyes so he couldn't see what was happening. He doesn't get to see my ass just smell it, this fucking pervert doesn't deserve to see my ass. I Waited for him to wake up, and let him know about his predicament.. How fucking perverted he was, and that if he didn't follow my every order and not say a word I was going to tell my friend about him stealing my panties.. He nodded in agreement, I guided him half inebriated and confused to my workout bench and strapped him down. Ankles, wrists and body. I even made a special little seat to go over his head so I could relax and play some games while he suffered under my ass.. Take a deep breath I told him as I lowered my greasy ass right down onto his nose and wiggled it all the way up there before letting my full weight rest on his face.. Ahh.. Perfect. This is what he wanted right? Now he can smell my ass all he wants, when I decide to let him breathe I lift up just enough so I can feel his nose sucking against my butthole trying to get air. Better hope I don't have to shit .. I felt my stomach start rumbling from all the drinking earlier.. Oh god I forgot what it does to my belly.. I smother him senseless under my ass giving making sure all of his breaths are filled with the smell of my butt.. I could hear his moans of disgust each time he would take a breath and I'd seal his nose back inside. LOL I guess the real thing is a little bit more than you bargained for huh Hunny? You wanted to sniff my panties well this is where they come from baby. I tortured him for a couple of games making him hold his breath until I felt my stomach turning. I couldn't hold it in anymore.. I needed to let this out.. Poor guy.. I know he needed to be punished but I don't think he deserved this.. My farts after I drink seriously burn coming out and they're bad enough to clear buildings.. But he did this to himself. Plus I mean it will be kind of hilarious to make someone completely inhale my farts knowing how bad they are LOL! Oh he's in for it. Just to make sure it was actually gas and not something more I went and used the restroom, and sure enough it was a little more than I thought. I came back and found him right where I left him, moaning in discomfort. I'm sure he just heard what happened in the bathroom and knows His nose is about to be right up inside of my ass again.. Haha I'm enjoying this way too much. I straddled his face and start lowering my ass back into position. Ugh my farts are going to be terrible. I want him to smell as much of it up as possible so I won't have to smell it. So I make sure my butthole is RIGHT up against his nose before I let the first one rip.. PFFFRRRTT, and then another.. Pssttt.. Two HOT airy farts straight down his nose! I can only imagine how bad that has to smell, farts are always bad when you smell them from a distance.. But what about when the fart is completely pushed into your nose sealed against a girls asshole? No oxygen to even dilute the stench.. Just pure fart into your lungs.. UGHH OMG THAT HAS TO BE AWFUL.. Not to mention the shock/realization he must be in.. His hot friend that he's been dying to hook up with, stealing her panties for years now.. Has him tied up helplessly and blindfolded. Sitting her naked cheeks on his face playing video games with his nose shoved right against her asshole so he has to sniff it if he wants to breathe. Pumping her toxic burning farts straight into his nose likes he's not even there.. Oh well. Maybe he won't steal my panties anymore. I smother him with lungs full of my ass air until I feel a big one coming. Line his his nose up right against my ass and FRRRRRRAPP!!! OOOOOH haha that was a big one.. It really must have been bad as he's writhing about as if he were in pain.. It wasn't until I got up and he told me that I just sh!t all the way down his nose did I find out what really happened.. I guess I didn't get it all out!! Oh well I said as I sat right back down on his nose bringing it into it even deeper, I felt him gag and choke a little under my ass, it must be making its way out of his nose LOL but not on the end he wants it to.. Poor guy. Then he had the nerve to blow some of it back out when I got up to get a drink.. Whatever.. I sat straight back down on it, now he can have it all over his face too.. I just kept smothering him refusing to acknowledge how messy it was getting.. Farting into his nose whenever I needed. I loved knowing how much agony he was in haha, smell it all.. Steal my panties again baby. I beg you.