Goddess Amirha
Shoving Shit & Gassy Torture
Shoving Shit & Gassy Torture

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NEW HOTTEST CLIP(s).. TWO of the hottest clips recently released in one. The first being a very cruel and unusual punishment. Getting exactly what he deserves for getting caught wanking to my panties while I was in the shower. I walked out of the bathroom to find him laying on the bed with my panties wrapped right around his face! With the ass part covering his nose. The disgusting pervert has been stealing my panties and I knew it was him, now I have proof. I threatened to tell all of his friends and expose him unless he did exactly as I asked. He layed down in the bench like the perverted little bitch he is not knowing what was about to happen to him.. No one would have accepted what was about to come.. I slammed my ass right down onto his nose and enjoyed myself for an hour giving him the wettest nastiest punishment of his life.. keeping my panties pressed right up against his nose even when I finally would let him breathe so every breath he took, the wet fabric would send a little more than air along with it. This smell will last in his nose will last for WEEKS! Pulling my panties to the side sealing my ass tightly to his nose, I pushed a HUGE fart dirctly into his lungs.. but it felt a little different.. I looked back to find it was quite a bit more than a fart.. I'm not even sure if it could have been called a shart! I literally just sht on his nose!! EW! You wanted ass smell? How about this? I walk over and grab a black latex glove, and shove every piece of shit on his face deep into his nostrils with my index finger. Laughing as I can hear him start to swallow and choke from it entering the back of his throat. Do you like it still?! Thats too bad, this is what you wanted and now you're getting it. (((Hardcore Fart Fetishists only, VISIBLE Sharts and filth, here is your warning)--- The second half of the clip starts 8 minutes in.. This was a Christmas punishment that had never been published and is now being brought to the light. While at a family gathering he thought it would be hilarious to gift me a giant black dildo in front of the entire gathering. Being christmas I guess he thought I would be nice and not get revenge on his emberassing little asshole of a joke. Wrong. Later that night I said I had a present for him. A little foreplay and some late night sex. So he let me tie him up! Wrists, ankles, knees, mask, the whole nine yards. Once he was blinded and had his mouth wrapped shut he was completely left clueless while I lowered my ass right onto his nose. As soon as he smelt the pungent aroma of my filthy asshole he started to struggle. Remember your little prank earlier?! MMFMFM.. Whats that? No? Lets see if this jogs your memory PFFRTTTRAAAPP .. a huge fart shot into his nostrils and ricocheted into his lungs. MMM HMM HMM... He moaned begging me for mercy but I just sealed his face deep between my cheeks and held him there breathless. I had no mercy. His joke was humiliating. He's going to suffer in the dark of my ass for the rest of the night. And as gassy as I'm feeling?! Thats the ONLY air he's going to get. ---(Very intense smothering and LOADED with gas, this is another extremely HOT CLIP) A MUST HAVE bundle for any fetishist and scat fanatic, remember the clips you've purchased and regretted? This isn't one of them.