Goddess Amirha
Princess Punishment
Princess Punishment

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Plot- I made my slave boyfriend take me out of town to do a little shopping with his new credit card. I'm supposed to be his princess right? So I should be pampered and treated like one. He should go out of his way to make me happy. But instead during the entire trip through the mall he ignored me and played on his phone, half assed listening and not paying me any attention and had the AUDACITY to tell me I had a $200 LIMIT?! At one point while we were in line he actually fucking farted. It smelled so bad that everyone started backing away and was looking at us. And you know what he did? He looked at me with disgust and said Your ass smells.. I've never been so embarrassed.. This motherfucker is going to pay dearly, my ass smells?!? I'll show this bitch what it REALLY smells like. The rest of the trip he spends mindlessly following me around but what he doesn't know or notice is the new all black lingerie, with crotchless/assless panties I bought, or the ridiculous amount of rice and beans I ate while we were @ Chipotle.. (I'm not sure why but every time I eat chipotle it gives me the FOULEST rotten sulphur type gas.. The kind that come out really hot and clear buildings) .. Even earlier when I was using the restroom I noticed I had a little accident in my thong pantiesfrom a little baby fart driving there... He's going to regret being born. Maybe I'll even make him eat the chipotle I just ate earlier.. Once home I put something in his food to help him sleep.. Then strapped him into my Torture bench, securing his ankles with locking cuffs and wrapping strap around his wrists and body, he won't be able to shake free or get away from this.. Not to mention the toilet seat locked over him just big enough for his head to poke through, padded clamps tightened on both sides of his head, and an inflatable pillow under his head. Just a couple little pumps with my foot is all it takes to wedge his helpless face even deeper into my ass. I don't even have to move haha. It's perfect the way a mans face will wedge straight into a woman's ass, almost like a puzzle piece. I wait for him to wake up from his nap hours later.. Oh my god, oh my fucking god.. Please.. It was a joke. Oh really? A joke? Well so is this, lets see how funny you think it is. You said my ass smelled in front of all those people remember? Well now you're going to smell it. I've been holding in my gas from that chipotle for 6 hours now.. All for your nose. Maybe you forgot how cruel your princess can be. Now you can be my throne .. Turning the camera on to record his humiliation I look at him with an evil smirk and lower my ass right on his face.. You're never going to learn are you? .. I line his nose up against my ass and let the biggest fart rip... Oh my god I can hear him mumble.. Hahaha take it bitch. How's my sht smell. Smothering him in between each fart, so every time I have a fresh one for his nose he'll have no choice but to suck it all in. God I can still smell it up here, like rotten eggs and sht.. His poor nose. I start making a game out of it, seeing the types of ways and angles I can push my gas into his nose and even in his mouth. Even something new.. sitting almost full weight without lifting at all, a POWERFUL fart ripped straight into his nose and sounded like something else came with it. He whines like a girl but I just keep sitting, leaving my sht particles and fart filling his nose. And they just keep getting messier and messier, I think my ass cheeks are sticking to his face! Haha what a loser. All strapped down with your girlfriends butthole covering your nose.. pouring her endless hot farts into it. Maybe tomorrow when I make you take me shopping again the smell left in your nose will remind how to treat your princess... --------------------- SHART WARNING. Includes Nasty farts w/ accident, two separate camera angles. Full body with face shown followed by a close up VERY hot scene during the final 5 or so minutes. Another must have clip.