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Plugging His Nose!!
Plugging His Nose!!

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One of my personal favorites.... What was supposed to be another movie night with my boyfriend turned into my IBS creating a chemical warfare battlefield on the couch. I was having the foulest thickest sulphuric gas and my stomach was soooo upset. A caring boyfriend would have taken care of me and asked me what I needed but MY boyfriend thought it would be hilarious to make fun of me, telling me it smelled like humptie dumptie died in my ass... Even to the point of getting nose plugs while he sat next to me on the couch. Haha oh he wants to be a clown? And get nose plugs?! I can play this game, my fart's have been nice and wet and I think I feel something coming.. I turn the tables and hold all the gas in and start seducing him.. I tell him I want to tie him up, I know that's his fantasy so he can't resist.. I wrap his ankles, knees, elbows, hands so he's completely immobile and straddle his face.. Haha oh you thought you had the jokes? You think it's funny to make fun of my farts while I'm in pain? You wanted nose plugs.. You're about to get them... I line my little hole ready to explode from all I've been holding in right up against his nose and FIRE!! Blast after blast, big, small, deep, wet.. Every kind of fart directly in his nose slowly filling it up.. Until about halfway through his punishment I can hear it like two cannon shots right after another.. Solid sharts back to back clog both nostrils in one sitting!!! Score!! My nose is plugged!!! He says gasping for air.. Breathe through your mouth And I ignore his predicament and keep rocket launching gas and solid explosions straight sealed into his nose... How are those nose plugs treating you baby!!?! Hhahahh see? I have jokes too. Let's see if we can push those plugs so far back they start draining into your throat.. ----------- Clip is packed full of farts!! directly sealed into his helpless nose. Some of them sharts and it becomes visible... And 3-4 weren't exactly wet sharts.. He literally at the end could not breathe through his nose!!! I will do this again..