Goddess Amirha
Nose Injections
Nose Injections

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*SHART WARNING*-- I strap my slave into the toilet bench with his head completely immobilized as I inject endless farts all over and even directly sealed into his nose. Sitting full weight leaving him absolutely breathless in between my gassy gifts just to make sure he has NO CHOICE but to breathe ALL of it in. Sometimes only lifting up enough just to fart without letting him have any room for fresh air. 100% ass air into his nose only!! Hahaha how humiliating. What's even worse is as the punishment continues they get wetter and wetter until I accidentally sht right onto his nose!! But that doesn't stop me, that only makes this even better. Imagine how it must smell with a nose full of sht already with more farts being pushed into your nose on top of it, probably even pushing the extra gift I give you even deeper into your nostrils. Poor fart boy is getting more than expected. But that's even better in my eyes, right? He hasn't came in weeks, and I told him the only way I'll allow him to cum is while I'm sitting full weight on his face injecting my nasty wet farts right into his nose leaving him smothered with lungs full of my nasty gas. He's up for the challenge.. Let's see how long it takes.. ---------- Clip contains Bondage/Toilet Humiliation, Mild Dirty Talk, Farting onto & directly into slaves nose & they get messier as they continue... And it's very visible.