Goddess Amirha

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--NEW Top Favorite clip-- I randomly check my boyfriends facebook and find that he's been messaging other girls, and hes been flirting on TINDER on top of that! Clearly he forgot how cruel I can truly be.. haha i think its time to give him a lesson he'll never forget and a nice fitting punishment for being such a piece of sht. he wants to be shtty... Ill give him just that.. After bringing him to his knees and make him watch me slowly peel my brown streaked g string from my ass and place it into his mouth, tape wont be needed to make sure they don't come out.. he moans as I pull out a tight black latex mask with nothing but a hole for his nose and slide it over his head. Sending him into darkness. Oh this is going to be horrible. complete sensory deprivation and it will only intensify the smell and things I'm about to send up his nose.. Laying strapped in the box unable to see, move, or speak and with the latex being pressed against his ears by the memory foam clamps he wont be able to hear a thing.. The only sense he'll have is smell and thats all he'll need. I've loaded up on all the foods known to cause terrible gas and diahrrhea, including my favorfite Chipotle. Those mexican beans and spice really have a way with making a girl run to the toilet. I start him out slowly, cutting off his oxygen and letting the gas build until the first one comes. SURPRISE BABY, they're wet.. haha how fucking humiliating. Trapped in a becn with a toilet seat while a girl sits on your face playing YOUR xbox grinding your nose against her asshole blowing the nastiest wet farts imaginable shtting straight into your nose and barely acknowledging you're even there. Just an object for her relief and a seat while she plays.. each fart turns my white panties disgustingly more brown and I grind them back and forth all over his nose while I let another one loose and get back into the game.. But somehow this isnt good enough.. he needs to learn.. I take my panties off and sit my bare ass right back on his face.. lifting from time to time when I feel a fart coming.. laughing as I hear my ass coming unstuck from his face as he tries to blow my little accidents back out trying to breathe.. Poor baby.. this is what you get for being a piece of sht.. you get a nose FULL OF IT!! But I bet you thought this was it huh baby? I dont think so.. Next time you want to be shtty you'll remember this. Lets get that hood off of you so I can use that mouth of yours, your girlfriend needs to use the toilet and I feel its going to be a nice big creamy one.. Now open your mouth, I have to sht!!! ------------------------------------------------------- Clip contains some very graphic nose fart injections and wet sharting. Packed full of farts and a very nasty mouthful at the end followed by a full weight smother cramming it all over his face. - This is a MUST if you are a fan of farting/sharting/toilet slavery & Facesitting. Definitely my new top favorite pick.