Goddess Amirha
GAS MUMMIFCATION - Relentless Gassing
GAS MUMMIFCATION - Relentless Gassing

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Me and my subby boyfriend were playing some friday night call of duty, and he kept beating me>:( On top of complaining how bad my gas was that night.. So I made him a bet.. If I get a higher KD ratio the next game.. Then I get to do whatever I want to him!! He agreed, so I actually put a little more effort into it and cheated a little slapping the controller from his hand.. and guess who won;) .. So to fulfill my prize.. I put on my new lingerie and Victorias Secret lacey panties I made him buy me earlier and wrap him completely head to toe in saran wrap.. He thought he was just in for some facesitting but I had something much worse in mind.. A FULL NIGHT of my gas in his mouth and lungs!!! I start out by fitting him with a nice O-ring gag to make sure his mouth stays open as I fart and fart into his helpless little face!! About 3 minutes in.. I realized I had to sht!! Haha hes really in for it now, I go to the toilet and make sure to let him know when I returned that I didn't wipe!! I puff fart after fart through my little panties into his mouth, and accidentally send a little surprise with them;) Watch as he spits it out.. (this happened numerous times) Sorry!! Not sorry. I remove my slaves gag and pull my panties to the side for some open mouth sealed farts for him to swallow, later taking them off so my pussy can make a better seal on his lips;) My gas is POWERFUL tonight and you can even see his nostrils expand on one of them. Fart after fart after fart, I smother him between each one so he gasps it all in, locking his head in place with my feet so he cannot get away when he struggles.. my slave was Wrapped, gassed, and helpless from 11-6am... You can even hear the birds start to chirp!! To wrap it up I tease him a little by putting the gag back in and releasing his cock from his tight plastic cocoon and ride him for a little, spitting in his open mouth just to remind him who owns him,.. He thought he was going to get off!! Haha! Only for me to get back up, having him lick me before I decide to seal the deal (Or his nose) with a few more nude farts directly into his nostrils. You dont get to cum.. you only get my gas bitch!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Positively the best one yet. Includes at least 60+ farts into his nose and mouth combined with a few extra gifts;) Clip includes: Some dirty talk, Forward/Reverse facesitting/farting, tease&denial, toilet play, farting in panties, mummification, oral servitude, and smothering. Making sure to show my face from time to time;) This is definitely a MUST HAVE.