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Gas Mask Test
Gas Mask Test

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We just received a new gift from my wishlist from a very good slave admirer. A GAS MASK!! So while staying @ the Westin in Cleveland before we left to see the Cavs play against Golden state I was feeling a little "airy" per say.. and wanted to launch a few farts into this baby. I love it already, my farts have nowhere to go but into his lungs:) And all I have to do is plug the little hole and I can suffocate him with his mask full of my gas!! I launch a few into his gas mask, but decide to remove the mask and give him some nude farts directly into his nose. I still love the feeling of his nose trying to suck for air against my ass only to be stuffed with my farts. It really does turn me on:) The gas mask now has a hose and you will see it in an upcoming video but it was just being tested;) I first launch some farts into his face from a side view, then switching to the rear for a more personal experience. Making sure every ounce goes into his nose, I don't want to smell a thing!! But!! My slave isnt sniffing hard enough or making enough of a seal so I get tired of his efforts and just stuff his nose in my pussy and smother him helpless. Letting the gas build up, just for a finale I tell him if he doesnt get himself off to my farts in his nose I'm going to slap him, HARD. I fart straight up his little nose all the way into his lungs and smother him with my pussy until he cums like a good little piggy. .. Now its off to the cavs!! I'd hate to see his punishment if they lose tonight... And guess what.. they did. And there will be a follow up of his punishment as well;) ---------------------- CLIP CONTAINS Gas mask, reverse smothering & Face farting, Farts directly into his nose sealed to my ass, dirty talk, forward pussy smother and overall humiliation >:)