Goddess Amirha
Gas & Splash - Dripping Wet Farts in his mouth & Enema
Gas & Splash - Dripping Wet Farts in his mouth & Enema

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I couldn't wait to try out this new mask. With its multiple locking straps it's a complete padded sensory deprivation hood with nothing but two small nose holes and an open-mouth tube gag sticking over an inch into his mouth. He won't be able to see or hear anything. He can only smell and taste whatever I push into the tube hahaaa. That only intensifies the torture when you can only focus on smell and taste.. Things just keep getting worse and worse for my pathetic slave boy. I load up on my favorite foods that turn my little ass into a CANNON and strap him into the toilet bench. The thickness of the hood only make it even MORE impossible to wiggle his head in the slightest, I had to keep the lid closed. Meaning once I line my ass up with that hole going into his mouth there's literally no getting away from it!! Ughh and just imagine if they're wet.. I line my ass right onto the tube and let it rip.. Hot nasty gas mixed with other things fill his mouth.. They ARE wet.. Dear god this must be worse than water torture. The CIA should hire me instead. Not only are his cheeks being forcibly filled with my thick eggy farts but there's a little extra with each one dripping down the tube Into his throat. Just what I was hoping for though, he needs to suffer. This is what lazy fuckers get!! Call it payback for telling your parents that I fart in my sleep bitch. Mmhmm.. PFFRAPPP... SWALLOW IT!! Hhaha awhh are you gagging? Good. There's ALOT more where that came from honey. UGHH I can feel it dripping. And now he's choking!! Let me help him with that.. Completely in the dark not knowing what's coming I screw clear funnel into the mouthpiece and kneel over it. Surprise baby!! I gave myself an enema for you since you were choking!! He thrashes around as he struggles to swallow every drop rushing down the funnel. I fucking love it. What's that? Hmmm mmpff? Your still thirsty? You want another one? Haha okay baby, I'll be right back..