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Friend Drinks Sharts
Friend Drinks Sharts

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I always catch my step bros friend in my room when I get back from the gym.. and never know why hes in there until the day I came home and quietly crept to my room. Opening the door I found him laying on my bed masturbating with my panties wrapped around his head!! I didnt say anything at the time. Just told him to get out.. Until one weekend my parents had left and it was just us. I threatened to tell my parents what he was doing if he didn't agree to be my slave for the weekend.. So he agreed. Well, he likes to sniff my panties so much.. how about he sniff these filthy panties I've been wearing to the gym and for cheer practice for the last 4 days?! I order him to lay on my bed and I placed some weird mask I found a while back in his room over his head which I guess just leaves his nose and mouth exposed.. but this way he doesnt get the enjoyment of seeing the ass he's been touching himself to.. gross.. With the mask zipped tight and without saying a word I crawl onto him and straddle his face.. slamming my ass right on his nose giving him the full measure of what it REALLY smells like to sniff a filthy ass... and to make it worse.. I've had the stomach flu for the last week.. giving me extremely wet, hot nasty gas.. I can tell he hated the smell.. I think it was a bit more than he had thought as I felt him try to turn his head and get away from the stench.. I closed the arches of my feet around his head to hold him in place and smother the hell out of this pervert! Whenever he breathes hes getting nothing but my smelly ass... a few minutes go by and my stomach started to rumble.. oh god.. PFFFTQRRQR A wet fart slapped out into my panties right over his nose.. It felt disgusting.. It smelled disgusting.. But I wanted him to pay.. To REALLY know how a filthy ass smelled and maybe he would finally leave my panties alone and stop being such a creep. And I didnt want to ruin my cute new Victorias Secret panties I just bought so.. hmm.. How about he TASTES them too?!? Haha. I crawled back from his face and he lay there speechless and in shock.. I ball up the panties leaving the filthy gusset exposed on the bottom and show it to the camera I set up to use as future blackmail just to show how filthy they truly were after 4 days of being up my ass, order him to open his mouth and shove the bottom part down right onto his tongue before wrapping some clingfilm round and round his head as tight as I could to make sure he couldn't spit them out. MMMFFGGG He moaned and gagged into his filthy panty gag. I cant even imagine how bad that has to taste.. 4 days of sweat, pussy juice and fresh shart mixed all into one laying right on his tongue with nowhere to go.. Can it get worse?! Yes. All of that, while his nose is pressed tight against my ass. I sat back down and unleashed a MASSIVE shart.. honestly I dont even know if it could be called a shart.. right into his nose, and he started to panic. I think I literally just took a liquid dump inside his nostril.. OOPS!! Hahah fucking pervert. Guarantee he stays out of my fucking panties after this. Fucking creep. 'PPPPFFRTSSRAPP ... Another liquid shot down his other nostril... I lift up just enough for him to suck some air and I can hear how hard it is to breathe for him with both of his nostrils filled. Oh well.. I've quite a few more for you hun.. Lets see if you ever sniff another pair of girls panties again.