Goddess Amirha
Farts & Shit crammed deep inside his nose & mouth
Farts & Shit crammed deep inside his nose & mouth

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I was all ready to go out and my boyfriend commented about my dress looking slutty and that he didn't like my heels. Alright fine, you dont like how I look? You don't have to go out with me. I get the bench out and strap him in tightly and call a cab. During my wait I think I'll even punish him and enjoy a couple games on the Xbox. Haha this new dress is perfect, I won't even have to take anything off, not even any panties since I'll be going out without those too. Oh he's going to be mad. He doesn't know he'll be staying in this bench until I get back.. I lift my dress and spread my cheeks, with a nice little wiggle I rest my weight right on his face, his nose held perfectly against my butthole... PFFRTTAPPP. Hahaa!! What did you expect baby! You know night time is when my IBS goes insane? You think it's okay to tell your princess she looks anything other than gorgeous? Huh? Tell me how gorgeous these farts are. How BEAUTIFUL they smell? Suffer, my little bitch because here's another for you.. UGHH they sound wet but I can't tell, if they are its all going right into his nose. Which is just making me hornier every time I feel his nose expand against my ass.. it needs cleaned now.. Lick my ass bitch!! Good.. Stick it in as deep as you can.. Oh god haha his tongue is actually turning a little brown!! His fucking disgusting for you.. I bet you like that dont you, I mean since I haven't let you cum in about 4 weeks now.. Hard telling what I'll be doing tonight so how about I let you cum too? It's going like this. Keep your mouth open.. Good boy. Im going to sit here, with the full weight of my pussy directly over your nose. My lips wrapping all the way around it making sure you get zero air. And your mouth will be pressed tightly around my asshole. Got it? If I have to fart then so be it, I guess you can have that for air, aren't I so nice?! If you can cum before you pass out, I'll get up. If not? Lights out baby. You'll wake up to an empty room. Ready? Set! Now Smother.........---------------CONTAINS A REAR AND FULL VIEW SIDE ANGLE. This clip is HOT and has some massive blasts right up his nose.. Like burning hot on the way out.. I discovered why right after this.. I needed to use the toilet badly.. But I didn't want to get my ass all messy sitting and shoving it in his mouth.. So? To put it plainly I tied him back up blindfolded so he could only smell what was about to happen.., sat a plate on his chest.. And dropped a GIANT monster just inches away from his face so he could smell it. Threw on some gloves and sat on his chest with the plate nearby.. Shoving every bit of it inside as fast as I could with large chunks at a time. He was crying and begging me to stop haha little did he know once it was all gone I would be leaving him like that for the night...This is one of my new favorites and ranked amongst my personal best HOTTEST clips.------------------------FINAL NOTICE---- I TYPICALLY DO NOT MIND IF MY VIDEOS ARE SHARED AND PIRATED AS LONG AS THEY ARE OLDER THAN 1-2 MONTHS FROM RELEASE DATE. I'M FINDING MY VIDEOS ON LARGE TORRENT SITES DAYS, IF NOT THE SAME DAY.. AS RELEASE. SALES HAVE DROPPED AND ITS BECOMING NOT WORTH IT TO PUT MYSELF OUT IN RISK OF DETECTION. IF YOU LIKE THESE VIDEOS, SHOW YOUR RESPECT BY WAITING THE APPROPRIATE TIME BEFORE SHARING. OTHERWISE THERE WONT BE ANYMORE VIDEOS TO SHARE. I am not a six figure porn company. Compare this to stealing from a local market rather than a giant such as walmart. Thank you.