Goddess Amirha

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Feeling extremely gassy after I went to the gym I decided to break my new spandex pantis in a little more, on my slaves face. And my farts were BAD! Maybe from the protein shakes? Regardless they were coming out hot and I wanted to make sure my slave smelled it all, so I layed him on the bed with his mouth wrapped and hands tied and let loose straight up his nose, you can hear how wet some of my farts are, not sure if thats from the sweat or from something else, seeing as you can feel his torment I'm guessing it wasn't sweat!! But oh well, he has no choice but to inhale my sweaty wet gym farts. I just love how the spandex really holds in the smell, making them linger for even longer;) You can really tell this is him from all the struggling he does to get out from under my ass, but I quickly push and lock his head back in place with my feet. Smothering him in it, only giving breaths of air when I have to fart up his nose again. Once he gets used to it I'll pull the wrap from his mouth, exploding his cheeks and making him swallow it ALL. He thought I was done when I got up.. you should have seen the glancing in his eyes when I took my pants off :D!! I seal the wrap back over his mouth and sit on his face in my panties, giving him a much more personal stink. He hates it but I don't give a fuck! All this action and rubbing on his face got me horny, I remove my panties and order my subby to lick me until I get off on his face.. Only to sit right back on it and blast one final HUGE fart directly into his nostril, launching a little surprise with it before smothering him with it for over a minute;) (He really wasn't happy about that, I should have showed his tissue after blowing his nose on video!!) Struggle as he may, little fart vaccum isn't going anywhere!!-------------------------------------------- Contains Smothering/Farting/Oral Servitude/Over 30+ loud farts