Goddess Amirha
Fart Sufocation in SPIKED CHASTITY
Fart Sufocation in SPIKED CHASTITY

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So my slaves new chastity device arrived and I had him fitted. Immediately I wanted to test its effectiveness. Having a bit of a stomache flu this was perfect timing. I wrapped his ankles, hands waist, and elbows tightly, even wrapping his entire head leaving only his eyes and nose so he can see and smell everything, making it impossible to cheat breaths when I put my weight on him.. Let's see how hard he can get now.. I sit my loaded ass right on his nose. I want him to absorb all of it. I'm tired of smelling them.. I line my ass straight to his nose and let them loose. They are almost relentless.. In the time that I'm not farting he's not breathing. But wait.. He's starting to get hard!! I see him shudder a little as he realizes the chastity device I had him fitted in has many small spikes inside of it!! Hahaa. With each fart and smother he just gets harder and harder. Punishing himself even more, I even lean over and start licking his little cage to make it even worse.. Your cock is so close to being in my mouth but yet so far!! It's jammed and locked in that spiked little tube, oh well.. The farts start to get a little messy. I can hear how sloppy they sound inside his nose.. I'm literally shooting wet sht into his nostrils.. I wonder if he'll be able to taste it through his nose.. Hope he enjoyed the orgasms while they lasted, it will be at least another month until he has one again. ------------- Clip contains plenty of loud farts shot straight on or in his nose, messy farts, facesitting/smothering, spiked chastity, bondage and 2 camera angles. 6 minutes in the angle switches to directly from the back, showing even more closely everything that's being shot into his face.