Goddess Amirha
Disgusting Wet Spandex Farts are the WORST
Disgusting Wet Spandex Farts are the WORST

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Spandex is always the best material for torturing a slave with my ass. The fabric is breathable but thick enough to hold in every scent for him to suck out. I never have to smell a THING. So what better to wear after a long day at the gym, and dinner with my girlfriends eating mexican food and drinking margaritas? With my slaves face planted in my ass of course. With the jerk my boyfriend has been being lately he deserves it. I want to make sure he suffers beneath my ass while I unwind for the day and use his face as my personal seat. My gas was BAD. I mean the kind of gas that burns on the way out. Im not sure if he'll be able to handle it. So i strap his hands behind his back so he has no choice.. and as hes lying down.. I straddle him, and wrap his face with clingwrap. Covering his mouth completely. So every breath he takes is pushed into his nose. He will inhale ALL of it... With his nose deep in my ass while I unwind and play his xbox, each breath I give him there is just barely enough room to breathe. His nose is pressed so tightly against my little asshole that every ounce of air has to be sucked out of my leggings.. OOohh, that was a hot one! MMFMFH He squirmed and thrashed in agony. But all his squirming does, is rub against me turning me on getting me more and more aroused. I grind the toxic spandex deeper into his nose while my pants are getting noticably wet, as are the farts. Aww is that too much baby?! I'm your princess, and you will serve me. Now SNIFF... I own you. Just to prove to you how big of a perverted bitch you are, go lay on the bed... He obeys, and I straddle his face once more ordering him to stroke his cock while I pump more noxious ass straight into his lungs... Now cum for me. Fart bitch.
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