Goddess Amirha
Constipated farts with accidental shitting
Constipated farts with accidental shitting

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I'm having my usual nightly gas but I'm terribly constipated making my gas some of the FOULEST it's ever been. It's as if the air has to squeeze it's way around making it pick up extra sulphuric eggy fart smell on the way out making them feel hotter than ever. Laying next to my boyfriend in bed, he makes the mistake of being an asshole on the worst of nights. He literally asked me to sleep on the couch or go use the bathroom Incase I shat myself!! Who the fuck does he think he's talking to? I immediately got up and walked to the closet and grabbed a few things, things that bring him nightmares. The very same items I use every time I'm about to sit on his face.. Bondage straps, and a black mask leaving only his nose exposed and helpless so he can't do anything but smell. He knew he just fucked up.. No, don't do this tonight! I'm sorry I was kidding!! But I wasn't in a joking mood. I zipped the latex hood over his face and strapped his hands, knees and ankles rendering him helpless. Straddled his face and lowered my crack right over his nose, feeling it slide and settle right against my asshole I immediately let him have it. Pffffftttss.. The first hot one flew into his nostrils and he whimpers from the noxious air.. Haha.. Want to joke about my ass and it's gas? Now it's going down your lungs, how funny is it now? I rip and pump fart after fart, some are long and airy.. Then some make strange ploppy sounds as if they're squeezing past something to get out.. So I take my panties off, if anything does come out I don't want to ruin my new Victoria's Secret panties.. I'll just have to make my little slave hold the extras that come out in his mouth as to not interrupt his punishment, we wouldn't want that right? Sure enough he's in luck. Each time a large piece of shit comes out I place it between his lips and he holds two little accidents in his mouth while I continue to burn his nose hairs with more toxic blasts.. Until I play a little game.. I decided to see if my slave can cum.. But since he hasn't swallowed his gifts yet, I remove them from his mouth and shove them up his nose and sit right back down. His nose is a little full, so I just released more filthy ass gas in his mouth instead. Let's see if you can cum for me now.. He hasn't gotten off in weeks, so I know he wants to be allowed to cum SOOO badly, but can he can cum like this? How pathetic can he be.. Masturbating and getting off to having a nose full with farts in his mouth. Will blow the load of shame like a pathetic little pig?
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