Goddess Amirha
Chipotle baby, taste it!!! 60+ Nasty farts in his face!!
Chipotle baby, taste it!!! 60+ Nasty farts in his face!!

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EVERY SINGLE TIME I eat chipotle it tears my stomach APART!!! Too bad for my slave, because I LOVE chipotle. Every time I'm eating it, I send him a text letting him know. Just to torment him.. he'll have it in his head ALL DAY what he's about to deal with later that night.. The taste, the smell... and most often, a little extra gift just for him. Fully bloated and ready to explode, I strap my slave to the bed and nuzzle his nose right up in my tight little smelly crack.. It probably doesnt help that I've been working outside most of the day haha but oh well. I stuff fart upon fart into his helpless little nose while he strugges.. pulling my panties to the side to make a perfect seal against his nostrils to form a direct tunnel to launch my ass air through. He's like a little vaccum haha, I want him to taste it, I order him to open his mouth so I can fart in it. Just to make him to swallow it, and lick my ass inbetween each noxious gift.. Sending something a little extra which he has the AUDACITY TO SPIT OUT!!! He'll pay for that later.. while I'm smothering him to the brink with his nose deep in my pussy while I send even more farts down his throat.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clip contains over 60+ Farts, forward/reverse nude/non-nude facesitting & farting, smothering, mild dirty talk, closeup pussy smother, bondage & downright humilation!! Face is also shown during pussy smother. Another top clip.