Goddess Amirha
Can you taste everything I ate earlier baby?
Can you taste everything I ate earlier baby?

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I want you to put yourself in my slaves place.. You take me out shopping at an outside mall all day, sweltering heat, just staring at my ass knowing how sweaty and smelly it is. Just hoping I won't feel like burying your face in it tonight.. You cringe at each food stand I stop at, knowing what this food is going to do to my ass... Fried pickles, cheese curds, and chilli cheese hot .. All explosive combinations.. Or maybe you like it? Maybe you want my rancid ass in your face and watching me stuff down all this gassy food is turning you on.. either way I won't care. You'll be under my ass if I choose it so. We get back to our room, while I lay there with the most sadistic look on my face as I rip fart after fart while we watch a movie.. I tell you to come upstairs with me.. as I slowly make you follow me and stare at my ass knowing whats about to come.. I lay you on the bed, and strap your hands to your thighs, locking you in. Even if you like it and you change your mind it will be too late.. You'll have no backing out.. "Open your mouth" I say as I sit my perfect ass on your face in my new Victorias Secret spandex pants... planting my little butt hole right over your waiting mouth.... you can't believe I'm doing this to you.. And then it comes.. A hot rush of gas into your mouth. You taste nothing but my farts.. You gag.. but I think you like it.. Don't worry theres plenty more where that came from honey.. I hold your head in place with my feet.. When you're not swallowing my farts you won't be breathing. You'll be earning those breaths... I'll even suck on you just for a little bit, but not enough for you to cum, just keep sniffing my ass can you stay hard with my farts in your face? Lets test this before I get back to smothering you. But wait.. I notice you're cheating.. And I'm not exactly getting the seal over your mouth like I'd like.. quickly I pull my pants halfway down and sit right back on your mouth and another fart quickly fills it. Much better huh?! I do stop at some point to use the toilet, Guess that just makes my ass smell that much more filthy, but you can handle it. I run out of gas at the end and try something new, right over your mouth. It'll be a little surprise for you;) Hows it feel to be my little fart bitch, can you taste everything i ate earlier baby? ------------- Clip includes reverse facesitting nude and non nude/smothering, constant farts into his (YOUR) mouth.. a nice little view of my perfect ass walking up the stairs, taking you to my bed.. And a SPECIAL surprise at the end (although short) .. Call it a teaser;)