Goddess Amirha
Big Sniffs, Mouth Sharts & Smothered
Big Sniffs, Mouth Sharts & Smothered

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My slaves face meets my ass once again for a night of gaming and ignoring. After a long day of volleyball at the beach and an intense session at the gym my ass was very sweaty and smelly, and I LOVE torturing him with it. Strapped down tightly in the smotherbench, COMPLETELY immobilized and unable to move his face to escape my ass. He is helpless & at my mercy, which I have none of. Take a deep breath BITCH .. I ordered him, spreading my lips apart, cramming his nose deep in my pussy. Haha. Perfect seal.. I kept him on edge, allowing only ONE or TWO short breaths before slamming my pussy back onto his nose.. his face turned beat red as he struggled to breathe.. with each smother only getting longer and longer until I think he's reached his limit. I wanted him to be out of breath before turning around to play on his xbox with his nose stuffed tight against my ass. Having his mouth sealed by pussy he has no choice but to breathe heavily from his nose. Making sure he gets nothing but ass air, I kept his face in my crack with JUST enough room to barely breathe. I wanted to hear and feel each breath he took as his nose sucked against my butthole for air.. when I would allow it that is. Game after game I played with him struggling to suck air from my ass when he wasn't being smothered.. He's been pissing me off alot lately so I couldn't help but to enjoy making him suffer & panic. Thats what happens when your an ass, bitch. You get to be my ASS BITCH!! Lucky for me since I enjoy his suffering, he always forgets that;).. Good. --- About 13 or so minutes into his breathless ass sniffing HELL, something happens... I may or may not have intentionally chugged a couple glasses of milk and ate ice cream an hour ago.. & I'm lactose intolerant.. I've been feeling gas build up and I could no longer hold it in, and when I abuse that lactose intolerance it's quite more than just gas... Time for a twist.. Without saying a word, without any warning I let loose what I've been holding in.. A hot WET fart shot straight into his nostrils and he started to panic. Hahahaaa, my favorite. It really can't get much worse. These HAVE to be BURNING his nose on the way in.. they're HOT coming out.. Poor boy. Fuck him. He can suffer.. OPEN your MOUTH! I lean forward and keep playing as if hes not even there.. cutting hot one after hot one, letting it flow into his lips.. Hows that taste bitch? UGHHHH He hollowly moans against my ass while I simultaneously shot another one into it, almost as if to shut him up... Growing tired this, I placed a thick duct tape gag over his mouth to keep anything I just put in, from coming out.. I'm only going to need your nose now... He moans in disbelief.. He must have thought I was done when I got up to get the tape. NO, sorry bitch. It's your noses turn.. His nose now pressed directly against my hole, some of the longest, most wet sounding hot gas echoed through his nostrils and into his throat.. I kept him smothered, for up to a minute at a time.. giving him multiple long hot gasses before ever allowing him a quick fresh breath, then sealing his nose right back to my ass to serve him another one. PFFFRRRRTTTTRRRAPPP .. Good little bitch, smell, taste, smother & suffer.